Residential Assessment
$ 500

The Residential Assessment provides us with an overview of your family member’s lifestyle preferences, desired living environment, favorite social activities, support needs, benefits and services, and other resources. It also provides us with an overview of your family’s housing vision.

The assessment is used to identify gaps in your family member’s benefits and services and is the first step to joining our Roommate Matching Pool.

Fee Includes:

  • A service review to ensure that your loved one has all the services they are entitled to;
  • A follow-up phone consultation to identify steps you can take now to prepare for future housing;
  • Assistance navigating services;
  • A printable report for your records;
  • Access to our Roommate Matching Pool (by invitation).
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Currently serving Washington and Arizona

Shared Living Development
$ 5,000

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Once compatible roommates have been identified and families are ready to move forward, Partners4Housing offers services to develop a Shared Living solution. This process may include:

  • Reviewing Residential Assessments
  • Reviewing Individual Support Plans
  • Identifying housing and support needs
  • Identifying funding streams (Medicaid Personal Care, private pay, other)
  • Developing household budgets
  • Navigating the Section 8 process
  • Identifying and securing housing
  • Facilitating landlord relationships
  • Creating caregiver job description
  • Facilitating the hiring of a caregiver
  • Developing caregiver agreements
  • Establishing relationship with home healthcare agency
  • Setting up resident notebooks
  • Establishing house rules, procedures, processes
  • Developing and finalizing guardian agreements, landlord agreements, and house operating agreements

Currently serving Washington and Arizona

Roommate Matching Pool

By Invitation Only
Our Residential Assesment is the first step.

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Currently serving Washington and Arizona.
Consulting Services:

Partners4Housing offers consulting services to families.

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